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Over the years the fashion world has built itself up a bit of a frosty reputation but luckily, for those who prefer the nice guys, Paul Smith’s brand new exhibition - Hello My Name Is Paul Smith - comes smothered in nice, humble unpretentiousness!

Arriving at London’s iconic Design Museum to a heap of hype and anticipation last Friday (15th November), the show blew all expectations out of the water. Rather simply, Hello My Name Is Paul Smith is incredible.

With racing bikes mounting the walls, a replica of his office with all the tell-tales of a scatty creative (trails of post it notes, heavily fingered magazines, a mass of memorabilia, threads and fabrics) covering the longest work top you ever did see, a wall covered with 70,000 typically “Paul Smith” buttons and not to mention the towering, wonderfully cluttered shrine of photographs, letters, and posters collated from years of Paul Smith being Paul Smith; the exhibition isn’t exactly a retrospective of work but more a celebration of the British designer himself.

See, Paul Smith isn’t about showy, self promotion. As I walked around the exhibition on Friday, there stood quietly among the crowd was Paul himself. Posing for every single photograph, genuinely thankful of each and every utterance of congratulations, you realise that the Paul Smith empire isn’t just about the clothes but more about Paul Smith himself - his humble beginnings and his love of fashion, cycling and photography.

So, if you make it to just one exhibition in London this year, make it this one. You’ll leave not only completely in awe of Paul Smith’s undeniable talent as a fashion designer but also completely giddy with Paul himself; the working-class nice guy of the ferocious fashion world responsible for making socks forever stripey!

Showing until 9th March 2014

All photographs copyright of LOST MOORINGS

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